Fast or Slow
Global Website Speed Profiler

Almost two years ago the Wordfence team launched as an experiment in providing distributed website performance benchmarking. FastOrSlow was the first-ever free benchmarking tool to test your website performance from 18 locations around the world, using multiple headless chrome browser instances, and it returned the results within a few seconds.

FastOrSlow was a really fun experiment for our team and gave us the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of high-performance technologies in the AWS cloud, where all our infrastructure runs. We have repurposed many of those technologies and learnings into other products around our organization.

FastOrSlow never really gained much traction as a product. It has a few hundred users per day and growth has stayed completely flat. The total number of users we gained was just over 7,000, and it is those early adopters that I’m emailing now.

I’ve made the decision to shut down FastOrSlow on March 31st, in about two weeks, working closely with the team that architected the product. While I know that many of you may still use the product daily, it isn’t showing growth, and it is a burden on our operations team to operate. It’s also outside our core business, which is cybersecurity.

So I’d like to humbly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and reassure you that this frees up resources that we can reinvest in our core mission, which is to keep the Web safe.

We’ll be decommissioning FastOrSlow on March 31st, and will be replacing it with a placeholder page. I’d like to thank you for trying out the product and let you know that the technology in FastOrSlow will be repurposed, and will be doing good protecting the online community.

Please ensure that you screenshot or otherwise capture any data that you want to preserve, before we shut FastOrSlow down on March 31st, in about two weeks.

Kind regards,
Mark Maunder – Wordfence Founder & CEO