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Performance Overview

The averages, lows, and highs of each major performance measurement are displayed below. These values contribute significantly to the overall performance score and provide a basic overview of any location-specific performance issues such as a high round-trip time.


Audits are tests run on the timings, sizes, and other aspects of loading the website. They can indicate when something is in a good state or reveal issues that may affect performance and can be improved.


The request map displays each of the locations the website was profiled from. Each file fetched for the site is displayed on the map at the approximate geographic location it's hosted at and is connected to any profiling location that loaded it. Files are colored based on whether they were fast, average, or slow to load.


Additional detail for each location can be found below. Successful locations can be clicked on to view additional details, and failed or blocked locations will provide any information available on why they were unable to load.

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